The cleanest candle possible.

Fed up with the candle industry standards of cheap paraffin waxes, lacklustre synthetic scents and a general disregard for environmental impact, we decided to make a change.

Using essential oils, cotton-linen wicks and our own unique coconut wax blend, we've created a better, plant-based solution to scent our homes. 

Clean burning and ethically made with the freshest, natural scents.

Night Candle

Patchouli, Petitgrain & Rosewood

This heady, invigorating blend is for when the sun’s gone down, and you have a glass of wine - or better yet a martini. - in your hand. It’s even better if you’re expecting company.

Bath Candle

Cardamom, Fennel & Sage

The aromatic spice of cardamom softens the sweet, clean and aniseed profile of fennel, underneath it all you’ll find soft, earthy and herbaceous clary sage.

Home Candle

Cedarwood, Nutmeg & Vetiver

Nutmeg is calming, yet energising and brings with it a comforting earthiness that coalesces with smoky, aromatic vetiver and the familiar, sweet woodiness of cedar atlas.