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Plant-Powered Home Fragrance

Fed up with the industry standards of cheap paraffin waxes, synthetic scents and a general disregard for environmental impact, we decided to make a change.

Using essential oils, cotton-linen wicks and a unique coconut wax blend, we’ve created a better, plant-based solution to scent our homes.


Crisp Diffuser - Grapefruit, Thyme & Black Pepper

Fresh, zesty citrus with a peppery body, thanks to the Black Pepper oil it does a wonderful job of fighting off other aromas from pets and cooking. 

Summer Spray Giveaway!

To celebrate the release of our new collection of Aromatic Room Mists, we are giving them away with any order over £20. It's a different spray each week: this week the Sleep Mist.

Sleep Mist - Lavender, Ylang Ylang & Rosewood

We all need a little help dropping off from time to time, which is why we created a room mist with our favourite blend of relaxing, sleep-promoting essential oils.