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The cleanest candle possible.

Fed up with the candle industry standards of cheap paraffin waxes, lacklustre synthetic scents and a general disregard for environmental impact, we decided to make a change.

Using essential oils, cotton-linen wicks and our own unique coconut wax blend, we've created a better, plant-based solution to scent our homes. 

Clean burning and ethically made with the freshest, natural scents.

Parlour  Candle

Frankincense, Myrrh & Bayleaf 

*Limited Edition*

With a hot cup of glühwein in hand and a fire burning steadily under the mantel, you light the Parlour candle to complete your late-night winter sanctuary.

Soirée Candle

Turmeric, Benzoin & Nutmeg

*Limited Edition*

Winter is the time to fill your home with friends, family and food. The musk and spice of the Soirée Candle provide the perfect backdrop to the Season’s feasting.

Lodge Candle

Pine, Sandalwood & Juniper

*Limited Edition*

You’ve escaped the city to a pine forest; there’s fresh snowfall. You open a window to let in the cold, crisp winter’s morning and take a breath of fresh air. The Lodge Candle is the scent of your winter retreat.