Work Mist - Rosemary, Thyme & Vetiver

Work Mist - Rosemary, Thyme & Vetiver


Rosemary is well known for its brain-boosting properties, and we think the peppery thyme and smoky vetiver add an element of vigour and clarity that should help sharpen you up when there’s work to be done. 

For best results pair with a cup of good coffee, cool glass of water and a few deep breaths. Monday mornings will never be the same. 

Our range of all-natural room mists provide an instant hit of plant-powered goodness, wherever you use them. 

Made with a carefully considered blend of essential oils, each formula is designed for a specific role.

Hand mixed in our London studio they are poured into sustainable aluminium containers which are perfectly portable and even hand-luggage friendly.

!00ml and lasts for approx 1200 sprays

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