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Cleanest candle possible.

Fed up with the candle industry standards of cheap paraffin waxes, lacklustre synthetic scents and a general disregard for environmental impact, we decided to make a change.

Using essential oils, cotton-linen wicks and our own unique coconut wax blend, we've created a better, plant-based solution to scent our homes. 

Clean burning and ethically made with the freshest, natural scents.

Kitchen Candle


Grapefruit, Red Thyme & Sage

Vibrant and tart grapefruit is complemented by herbaceous, spicy red thyme and earthy sage. The Kitchen candle is ideal for burning throughout the day. 

New Extra Large Size


230 Hours Burn Time

We are excited to launch our new Extra Large candle. Big and beautiful, burns longer and throws scent to fill even the grandest of halls.

Dining Candle


Mandarin, Basil & Black Pepper

We love having friends over for dinner, we're sure you do too, which is why we wanted to create a candle perfect for after dinner; while the conversation, and wine, is still flowing.