Same Candle, New Name.

This year we’ve decided to take another look at the way we name our products.

Our scents all have their own story behind them, and we felt that these evocative backgrounds didn’t quite come through with the names behind them.

As a result, the four classic candle scents that have carried through to 2019 have each been given a new name. Find out more below.

Blemheim Gardens square.jpg

The Evening Candle

The candle we first really felt like we got just right, and our bestseller since its debut back in 2016. The Evening candle is now called Blenheim Gardens, named for the grounds of the stately home rose garden that inspired its creation.

olivers square.jpg

The Night candle

Hot on the heels of the Evening candle, the Night candle’s release was our first experiment in the use of patchouli, as we still think it’s just right. It’s now called Oliver’s Bar - for the Greenwich jazz bar where Jake first found his love for the musky, floral aroma.

Home 19 square.jpg

The Home Candle

The Home candle remains one of ours favourites, and so we couldn’t part ways with it! Inspired by the rich, woody and warm aromas of the staircase of Jake’s Aunt and Uncle’s house, it’s taken its new name, No.12 Highgrove Court, from the address.

olivers square.jpg

The Boudoir Candle

Inspired by cascading jasmine on a Greek island, this candle nearly wound up in our Summer range last year, but it was just too good. Sweet, bright ylang ylang, warm citrussy bergamot and a dash of cardamom to add a luxuriant quality, we named it the Boudoir candle to evoke the more romantic connotations of this lovely scent. This year though, we bring it back to where the scent all started - the small village on Crete near Knossos. The site left quite the impression on Jake as he explored in his younger years, in fact he still has some fossil souvenirs from the same trip.