Crisp Diffuser - Grapefruit, Thyme & Black Pepper

Crisp Diffuser - Grapefruit, Thyme & Black Pepper


The Crisp Diffuser was created to be a breathe of fresh air for those spaces and times that you can’t always open the windows.

Fresh, zesty citrus with a peppery body, thanks to the Black Pepper oil it does a wonderful job of fighting off other aromas from pets and cooking. 

The low-maintenance and flame-free qualities of a reed diffuser make them the perfect addition to any corner of the home that you want to give a little olfactory lift to. 

Just open up, put in your reeds you’re good to go. The number of reeds will determine the strength of the scent, and you can turn them over from time to time. We use natural rattan reeds, and each diffuser comes with eight of them. 

100ml and last for up to three months.

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