Social Mist - Grapefruit, Pink Pepper & Palmarosa

Social Mist - Grapefruit, Pink Pepper & Palmarosa


Rosy, sweet and fresh, the Social Room Mist is designed to give you a quick lift before you head out, or as the guests arrive. 

Grapefruit, pink pepper and palmarosa blend together to create a fun, uplifting aroma. It’s the smell of sitting out on a sun-drenched patio with a gin and tonic. Or Parma Violets, let us know what you think! 

Our range of all-natural room mists provide an instant hit of plant-powered goodness, wherever you use them. 

Made with a carefully considered blend of essential oils, each formula is designed for a specific role.

Hand mixed in our London studio they are poured into sustainable aluminium containers which are perfectly portable and even hand-luggage friendly.

!00ml and lasts for approx 1200 sprays

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