Hi there, we’re McKinley & Paget.

In 2015 we started to develop a completely plant-based scented candle, in response to a market full of paraffin wax candles and synthetic scents, with wasteful packaging. 

At a time when we are becoming ever more conscious about the quality of air in our environment, we thought it was crazy that we still burn these things in our homes without giving them a second thought! Derived from crude oil, paraffin wax tends to burn inefficiently creating carbon monoxide; there is also increasing evidence that synthetic additives and fragrance oils combust to form such pollutants as formaldehyde. That’s what gives you that nasty after-candle smell.

So, beginning with soy wax, glass jars and essential oils, we made our first candles in December of 2015. Since then we've come a long way. With help and feedback from our friends, family and you, we've come one step closer to becoming the cleanest candle possible.

This began with us developing our own natural coconut wax blend, with a superior burning time and scent throwing ability it’s an incredibly efficient crop to grow. The packaging is a steel tin, lightweight, durable, made in London and infinitely recyclable; a much better option than the standard glass jars and votives. Our wicks are a blend of cotton and linen, and we still use only our own blends of sustainably sourced essential oils. 

Designed, developed and every candle is produced by the two us in South East London.



Daniel McKinley and Jake Paget